“Soft silky hair, creamy skin, and the most seductive eyes.  So pure an innocent but yet so intense and provocative. The voice of an angel…..”  

 Are you ready to fall so deep inside yourself you lose control without even knowing it?
I have ways to get inside of your mind.  I have ways to make you think and feel things with out you even knowing that I am manipulating your every thought as it passes through that brain of yours.


As I open my mouth and softly let the sweet sound of angelic sensation seep into your mind.  You’ll see exactly what I am talking about.   You can’t focus no matter how hard you try.  So you can relax, but it’s so relaxing it scares you.  You won’t be able to trust yourself.  Slowly, as I whisper words you can not even comprehend anymore…..  You put all your trust in me.
Now, some of you are thinking to yourselves…
“She can’t do that.”
“I’m too strong.”
” No one is that powerful.”
I mean there is always the slight possibility that you may be right, however it is not me that makes you powerless…… It is you… It is the way I figure you out and use your own strengths as your weakness.  You make yourself powerless.
Take a listen to my voice.  It does not just talk to you it sings to you.  I know how to sensually take control of the mind and body.  I can do it with out even laying a finger on you.
It is as if I am almost magical.
If you are even a bit curious about erotic hypnosis take a listen.  Just close your eyes and relax the mind and just focus on my voice, not even my words just my voice.  The first tingle you feel from the erotic intensity of hypnosis will have you in a trance before you even realize it.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke