Erotic foreplay, the perfect beginning to a spectacular ending.

Erotic foreplay can be done anywhere at anytime.  Trust me, this isn’t my first rodeo.  Let me tell you about a precarious situation between my son’s best friend, his soon to be wife and myself. I’d be lying if I said it was not premeditated. It completely was! In fact, I’d taken his virginity in his teens. And the kinky MILF inside me wanted to be his bachelor party present too.

Purposely sitting beside the soon to be groom, wearing a distracting outfit I began my quest. Not being able to take those big blue eyes off my cleavage, I stroked him under the table. It was so easy with the dress slacks he wore. Picking up a strawberry and dipping it into chocolate; I took a nibble then offered it to him. Opening that mouth and leaning forward only to find me pulling it away and laying it in between my breasts. ‘Come get it!’, I whispered. He smiled and took the bait.

Over in the cabana area, there were comfy couches. My next strategic move was to get him there. Standing and grabbing his hand, the student followed the teacher. A waiter came by and I grabbed two glasses of champagne, more fruit, and asked him to bring me a bucket of ice. I raised a glass to my lips. Then leaning forward, pressing my lips to his I shared my drink. Then the fun began.

Every little touch

That one-shoulder dress I wore was going to work perfectly for my plan.  I handed him an ice cube as I slipped my arm out of my dress. He knew what I wanted! He laid me back on the couch and stuck the ice cube in his mouth for a moment. Then pulling the rest of my dress down he wrapped his mouth around one nipple and let the ice cube drip over the other. There is something about ice that drives this woman wild! My panties were instantly wet and I wanted more.

I didn’t even have to take them off. He was ready with his teeth. Lingering long enough to nuzzle that landing strip. Sending chills up my spine. And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone approaching. He was too engrossed in pampering my pussy to notice his bride to be standing there. I smiled and stretched my hand out to her; ‘Care to join us darlin?’.

I’ll let your dirty imagination play out what happened next! But I can always share it with you over a hot erotic foreplay Phone Sex call too.