In this Epic Vore Sex Story, I’m going to let you into the mind of a hungry woman.

Everyone goes through bad breakups and heart aches in their lives. But what if you could take the ultimate revenge out on someone like I’m about to in this sex story. If you could slowly make them suffer through agonizing pain as you sink your teeth into them over and over devouring them bite by bite. Would you like to come pretend to end things, allowing me to slowly devour you? Teasing you and tormenting you, until you’re unable to take it any longer.

Tying you to the bed, acting like everything is just fine. Like we can totally go back to the way things were. Allowing you to think you’re safe and secure… Letting you believe you’ve won.

Until… The restraints get a little too tight. The look on my face changes, letting you know just how much trouble you are about to be in. Sitting there, unable to move you just wait, terrified. Being forced to allow me to do as I please.

To devour you bite by bite while you scream and beg for it to end.

Feeling every bite. Every drop of blood that slowly drips from your body. Slowly seeping down your warm clammy flesh. Knowing this is going to be the last day your heart beats. As you sit there, realizing what’s happening to you… You start to beg. Pleading for me to stop, to spare you…

Although all that can be heard, are sounds of you pleading and moaning echoing through the room, fueling my desire to devour you bit by bit in this phone sex story.

Come enjoy a few steps out of your phone sex comfort zone! So, Let’s try something new and invigorating. Allow me to thoroughly fuck with your mind taking you on a journey you have been needing. Lets escaper reality together.