Embarrassing Sex Stories

Embarrassing Sex Stories Do You Have One To Tell Me? You tell me and I will tell you a few of my own, including one where a partner and I ended up in the ER.  It ended up being a bit more embarrassing for Mr. C, but hey it could happen to anyone! Or could it? The tales that Roxy can tell might leave you laughing or get you hard!

Mr. C. had been dying for a night alone with me. It had been a long time since he’d gotten some since his wife had been holding out on him for months. He’d done everything to spice up their relationship including going to the sex store and buying some unique couple toys.  But the cornucopia of lubes, toys, and cock rings just didn’t interest the wife. But for me, oh yes! Roxy is always up for a good time!

Sex texts between us had gotten hotter and hotter all week long. Mr. C couldn’t wait until Saturday. It would be a golf game that his buddies just wouldn’t let him stop playing kinda day! Or so his wife thought. Instead, it was going to be an all day fuck fest with me! Starting at my house and ending up in an upscale hotel after he wined and dined me. Mr. C had bought me a pair of vibrating panties which I was more than happy to wear at dinner. But I had something for him to wear in return. A cock ring!

Not wanting him to bust a nut within five minutes, the cock ring was the perfect solution. I’d get him hard over dinner teasing him, and then make our foreplay go on for hours. But there was one thing I didn’t account for!

Hard On

Unzipping his pants under the table at the restaurant got me excited. I love seeing just how much I can get away with in public. When I first started stroking, his cock was semi hard but within minutes he was rock hard. Squirming a bit and looking a little uncomfortable, I simply thought it was because he was worried someone would see him and kick us out of the restaurant. Never did I imagine what was actually going on.

By the time dinner was done and we were in the car driving to the hotel, Mr. C was begging to cum. But I just grabbed his balls and squeezed telling him no. His cheeks were flush and he was starting to sweat a little bit. I just laughed! So ready to strip for him once we were in our room. The ride up the elevator was so hot! Grinding my ass into his hard dick was making my skirt come up and made him drool.

“I can’t take it much longer Roxy! It’s so painful!” he said. Laughing I just kept going, thinking that cock isn’t going to cum till I’ve been riding it for at least an hour! But once in the hotel room things didn’t go so well. I’d teased him so much and that cock ring was so tight on his over sized sex deprived cock that it was almost blue! Concerned I called one of my doctor friends to get some advice.

When I hung up the phone I knew he wasn’t going to be happy with what we had to do. There wouldn’t be any sex for him tonight, or possibly the next week. It was off to the emergency room for him to get the cock ring cut off his swollen dick.


I tried to console him along the way rubbing his leg. But it only turned him on more, even when he didn’t want to.  He was in such pain he didn’t even notice where I was taking him and I had no idea that his wife worked there. I thought it odd when I walked him into the ER that several doctors and nurses stopped dead in their tracks staring at him while he was grabbing his crotch.  All I was thinking is that they see people in pain every day, get over it! Never did I imagine this was going to turn into an embarrassing sex stories party!

Taking him up to the counter to check in, his eyes were half closed while I leaned across the counter to explain to the nurse what had happened. She giggled and came from behind the counter and told us to follow her. Getting him up on the bed she undid his pants to reveal his cock and the cock ring that could barely be seen now with all the swelling.  I was so surprised how much more swelling had happened since we had left the hotel. But not as surprised as he was when he heard his wife’s voice!

Now I know you are just dying to hear the rest of the story! Or have you been in a pickle like that before yourself? Let’s compare embarrassing sex stories this Sunday night! Kinky Sex Stories


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