Have you been fantasizing about edging and having aching balls during some hot tease and denial phone sex? I’m the perfect Goddess that loves having tease and denial phone sex. I’ll make your cum filled balls swollen and aching, only to tell you No you can’t cum for me today! You can’t deny how hot it is to have your phone sex Goddess deny you an orgasm. Even when your body wants to say yes, wants to just release that load, you know you better listen to me. It would feel magnificent to release all of that pent up sexual tension while you listen to my sensual voice, but it’s not happening this time slave boy. Nope today is about making you an even more of a frustrated enslaved man.

I’ll laugh and make you keep jerking that cock to the edge for me but you just better be careful not to creep over that edge and accidentally cum! It definitely isn’t time for teased cock slaves to cum for their Goddess yet. It’s just time for you to listen and stroke and obey my every command. Iwant to hear you moan and beg me to allow you to cum. So if you’re going to call me for tease and denial phone sex you better practice begging hahaha. Then when you think that you simply can not take another second of cock teasing torture you’ll be forced to endure even more!

Call your Tease and Denial Goddess Madison


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