Sports are a universal pastime that all can enjoy.  So is sex.  Ever notice how the sports world is one huge sexual metaphor?  You name a sport, any sport, and the word play just keeps on cumming.  🙂

Soccer, football, baseball, tennis, wrestling, NASCAR, even ping pong and cricket.

We will start by the objects being utilized.  Balls being handled, bats and sticks are being wielded, paddles are slapping…  are we catching the drift here?? 😉

During the meat of the game, in an effort to be the best, these athletes work hard and play hard to be the fastest and participate the hardest.

Phew!  I’m getting so hot just thinking about it.

I need a half-time because we’ve reached the 7th inning stretch.  I need a cold beer, a footlong dog, and some nuts! 🙂

Back to the game!

The object of most sports is to win by making some sort of goal.  Getting the ball in the hole, knocking down the pins, slam the balls into or near a hole, score a disk into a slot, etc.


This brings me to the grunting, the sweating, the hot hard heavy breathing, the methodical steady effort and concentration to go alllll the wayyyyy.

I know I love the beaded sweat dripping off those chiseled faces, the bodies drenching the jerseys making their uniform cling to every muscle.

But sports are not just for men.  Ever watch female UFC or beach volleyball, or mud wrestling? Those tight little fit bodies doing everything they can to win their game.

Finally, there is sudden death when the game goes into overtime. Or as the French call orgasms “le petit mort” translated to “a little death.”  I know after I have scored a good session, I could just die happy.

If athletes get paid millions, why don’t I? 😉