Oddly enough, this guy is a wrong number gone right. He is dialing a friend, but I get him instead. Of course, I am happy to chat him up and make his night with some hot phone sex.

It is funny when I get a wrong number caller. Still, I am polite and help them when I am able. Lucky for me, guys like Alex are up for some fun with this barely legal beauty.

He is ready to play once I explain my job and services to him. Even forgetting all about the friend he was trying to call. What can I say? I am that persuasive.

I love a wrong number gone right.

No, they aren’t a regular occurrence, but I make sure they work out in my favor when they show up. Especially when the guy is as sexy as Alex—he is fun, smart, and so hot.

As we start talking, he says things that make my knees weak. He seriously is out-kinking me, and that takes some doing. I pride myself on being a naughty coed.

Of course, he loves that he is as wild, if not wilder, than me. This wrong number gone right shows me I am meeting my match in him. Even crazier is he is a year younger than me.

Normally, I am with older men, but I am making an exception with him.

God knows he is as sexually gifted as any mature man I have met lately. Additionally, he has a fantastic job and is super together in his life. I adore talking with him until the wee hours of the night.

Sometimes, I don’t even get to sleep because we are up chatting and getting dirty on the phone all night long. Of course, the things my wrong number gone right says have me playing with my tight young pussy.

I swear, I think about him all the time now. And, I am feeling some crazy way about him. His voice is like silk sliding over my soft skin and caressing my pussy as he talks to me.

Who knew a wrong number gone right could be so fucking amazing?!

Oh, and he tips me like no one ever has before! I am blown away by his kindness. What a gentleman he is, and he makes me feel so sexy.

He starts by slowly seducing me with his voice and telling me how he is kissing down my beautiful body. Undressing me with his hands and kissing me with his perfect lips.

As he works his way down my body, my wrong number gone right knows I am getting extremely aroused, and he loves teasing me. Going around my pussy to play with my inner thighs.

Then, down to expertly massage my feet.

I love a man that knows how to pamper and treat a woman like a queen. Alex is that guy. Of course, he moves back up my legs spreading them wide so he can dive in with his mouth.

Of course, he loves all my amazing skills and the way I can suck his cock dry. My tight ass makes him stand at attention. I love bending over to show it off for him.

Then, the fun truly begins. Call me for some hot phone sex to get all those dirty details. I can’t wait to play with you!

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