My best friend Layla and I are the kinds who are inseparable. I’m practically always at her house, staying there on the weekends and coming over after school. Layla’s family and I are really close as well, her parents are as much mine as they are hers. Hence, it only made sense for me to be invited to their Thanksgiving meal. As a special treat, her parents even let us into the liquor cabinet, having a few glasses of wine with dinner. Glass after glass appeared in my hand and the warmth in my body was all starting to move lower. As the alcohol runs through my system, the overwhelming desire for sex consumes me. Looking at my best friend’s dad, Tom, I knew it was him I wanted to. I just didn’t know my drunk lust would end with drunk painful sex.

Once everybody has finished gathering for the night, Tom stays back to clean and I offer to help. Now is my chance to let him know how much I want him. With the alcohol giving me liquid courage, I start making my moves. I wait until he’s looking and make sure to bend over, giving him a flash of my panties from underneath my dress. When I look back, I notice he’s looking. Good. Standing up, I look him directly in the eyes and slip my hands up my dress into panties, starting to rub myself. Fuck, the alcohol has me so fucking horny I’m wet already.  I know I’m being such a teen slut, but I just can’t help it- I would do whatever it takes for his cock.

 Maybe my drunken mind knew I secretly desired drunk painful sex.

I slip a finger inside my tight cunt and moan as Tom makes his way towards me. The next thing I know, his hands are around my throat and my back is pressed against the wall. He tells me how he ought to punish me for being such a drunken slut, teasing my friend’s dad. I feel my pussy throb at the word punish- he’s right. I’m such a horny tease, maybe I deserve whatever he gives me. My panties are yanked down and all of the sudden I feel the head of his cock press against my pink cunt. His massive dick pushes its way inside my tight tunnel, stretching me out. Yelling out, I try to pull away but the wine has made my head and body too fuzzy to fight back. I give up as he starts ramming into me,  punishing me with drunk painful sex.

His hands still around my throat start to squeeze and I feel my breath catch. Just as it’s too much to bear, he lessens his grip. A bruise starts to form, a reminder of my drunk painful sex. As he fucks me hard, his cock slamming deep into my cunt, I feel my muscles tighten as immense pleasure takes over. Cumming all over his cock, I moan out his name. As consequence, he pulls out and flips me around. Slapping me hard on the face, he forcefully shoves me to my knees.

Punishing me for cumming and being such a whore, he drives his cock past my lips.

My drunken mouth and tongue gliding all over his meat stick, I eagerly took him down my mouth. I’m such a horny cockslut and love sucking dick. He thrust in my mouth a few more times, holding my head in place as a hot load shot down my throat. Pulling me up, he gives me a hard kiss and tells me to behave from now on. I stumble away, my legs shaking. My hands reached up to my neck, feeling the reminder of my drunk painful sex. Crawling into bed with Layla, drunken sleep took over.

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