Parties are fun but only if you have way too much to drink. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of people dancing to shitty music while looking like idiots. I mean yeah, they look worse when they’re drunk but they won’t care and neither will anyone else. Me? I like to knock back a few beers, find the hottest guy in the room, put my arms around his neck and grind against him until I can feel his rock hard dick pressing against me then take him into the nearest bedroom and fuck his brains out. Last weekend I ended up drunk dancing with not one but two guys and I was so horny I decided I wanted to be fucked by both.

I grabbed Mike and Jason and we wandered around the house until we found an empty bedroom. I shut the door behind us and we quickly got undressed.  Mike was already semi-hard and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I wrapped my hand around his dick and stroked it as I bent my head down and began to lick his balls. They felt hot and heavy on my tongue and I felt Mike get bigger in my hand. I stroked him a bit faster as I wrapped my lips around his ball and sucked softly on it. He moaned and pushed his hips forward, wanting more of me. I wanted more of him too so I let him go and stood up. Jason was watching us and had gotten hard from the little show I’d just given him. It looked like both of my boys were ready to be fucked so I went to the bed and threw myself down on it. “Who wants me?” I asked as they got on the bed with me. Jason rolled me over so I was on my hands on knees and pulled my head down to his dick. I saw a little drop of pre-cum oozing out of him and licked it off his tip then put my lips over him. Mike got behind me and I felt him running his hands all over me, touching my ass and sliding down to my pussy. He fingered me as I swirled my tongue over Jason’s tip. I gently rocked my hips as Mike moved in me. I went lower and took Jason’s dick in deeper until he hit the back of my throat. I began to suck him as Mike took his fingers out of me and pushed his tip on me. He shoved into me and began thrusting in and out as I slid my lips over Jason’s shaft. My moans were muffled by Jason’s dick and I sucked him faster as Mike kept going, rubbing against my clit whenever he went in me. I felt Jason swell and a second later cum shot down my throat. I choked as I tried to swallow it and Mike’s fingers dug into me as he started grunting behind me. Jason slid his dick out of my mouth and I felt my pussy start to tighten around Mike. I pushed myself on his dick, impaling myself on him as he kept fucking me. I felt spas go through me as I came and a second later a wetness spread in me as Mike came.

We laid in bed for a few minutes then went back to the party where we spent the rest of the night drinking and dancing with other strangers.



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