The only thing I love more than drugs is sucking lady cock.

I swallowed the drugs. She started inching her dick closer to my mouth. I could see how erect it already was. Coming up on the molly, I was MORE than ready to suck that big dick to wrap my wet mouth all around her stiffening “girl parts.”

Sex on molly or ecstasy is the best. And my friend, having just as expensive and refined tastes as me of course, had gotten the good stuff. The really good stuff, the kind not cut with anything else. In other words: my favorite stuff!

As I slipped her cock into my mouth, sucking the tip with increasing feverishness as I continued to come up, I was grinding my wet pussy against my girlfriend’s lap. I could feel her cock getting harder, too. And I knew she could definitely feel my pussy dripping onto her lap. She knew it was time to make me her whore again, to fuck me in front of all of her (and our) friends.

She lifted her skirt up and hoisted me on top of it, let me start to fuck it. The drugs were really kicking in now. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion and warp speed at the same time and my body felt so warm, almost uncomfortably tingly. I knew the uncomfortable part would be over soon, the intensity of the initial high.

I’ve always felt the best way to get to a good place on molly sooner is to just start fucking. So I did.

I slowly slid up and down on her cock, hitting closer and closer to my G spot each time my soaking wet pussy made it down to the bottom. With every thrust onto her huge, hard dick our friend above me slides her dick into my mouth, choking me on it. When I choked really hard, she always poured me another shot. We were drinking Grey Goose that night. As I said, I have expensive taste.

I am a spoiled bitch all right. And I loved being spoiled with all that attention from all those pretty girls with those big, pretty dicks. Another one of the girls there approached me (and my hungry mouth) as the first girl went to pour me another shot. Her cock was really hard, too. She slid it between my open lips, tilting my head back. She wanted to get it deep down my throat as I rode my girlfriend’s long dick nice and hard.

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