There is one cheerleader in particular that really drives me wild.  Her name is Kate; beautiful girl with a rocking body.  Her smile is breathtaking.  Her pussy….fucking unbelievable. (I check that out after practice in the locker room showers.) When she bends over and her cute little clit sticks out from her nice plump pussy lips.  Drives me fucking wild.  When we are showering I watch the soap suds spill over her perky mounds, and the way she gently massages her snatch clean.  It’s almost like she is washing her body just to please me.

My sexual desires for Kate were starting to get so strong.  I tried to figure out every way possible to get her to play with me.   When I played the theory out in my head, I realized, nothing was ever going to get her to look in my direction.

We all knew that she loved the cock, especially every one on the football team. Finally after weeks of masturbating and thinking about how I was going to get her alone, naked and squirming on my face it hit me! I was finally going to get what I wanted.

I threw a party the weekend my parents went out of town. I invited everyone from school and then a bunch from the local college. My brother often brings me all types of fun stuff to try from college, so I borrowed some heavy-duty party favors.  One in particular was called liquid X.  Of course as a good hostess, I offered to get Kate and her friends a drink first.

I had already had a huge punch bowl consisting of eight different types of liquor. So there was no problem adding a little splash of this liquid X.  I had originally planned to just drug Kate and her friends, but that didn’t seem to be working out. However, how great would it be to see the whole entire school under my spell?  I dumped the whole vial into the punch bowl, served everyone drinks, and sat back and watched and waited for the fun to begin.

Want to find out what happens to Kate? Stay tuned for the rest of the story!!! 😉



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