So I recently had this dream where I was having a hot bath with a guy I have a thing for. It was in one of those nice deep soaking tubs. We start making out and eventually he pushes me up to the edge for the tub and starts licking my pussy very slowly. Every fiber in my body is focus on what he is doing. My skin bumps from the cool air touching my wet skin. I feel the orgasm building, but I can’t reach my peek for some reason.

I can tell my lover is getting somewhat frustrated and pulls me down into the water. He takes a handful of my hair and guides my mouth onto his submerged cock. I panic because he has total control over when I can re-surface. I start to struggle, which turns him on more, even makes him more aggressive. He shoves my face hard onto his throbbing cock. Water fills my lungs and he bobs my head up and down. The feeling of near drowning and strangling on a cock is terrifying but somehow erotic. I never ever allow any many to have full control over me. So this was a new one for me.

My lover pulls my face above the water and the light in his eyes is burning. He is very turned on seeing me so vulnerable. With a hand in my hair…clenched tightly, he jerks my head back and massages my throat. He licks and bits me from my lower lip, down to my pert nipples. In a quick instance, his position changes. He whirls around where I am under him floating on the water and he is bent over me. Nose to nose, he tenderly kisses me and demands I cum for him or else.

NBo sooner his words left his mouth, I was pulled under water by my hair. His hands shifted to being around my throat. He pulled my legs up and out of the water to wrap them around his waist. Both hands now wrapped tightly around my throat as he fucked me while under water.

While I am dreaming this I can feel real panic. I have a fear of water and drowning, yet somehow the danger of it makes me become very, very aroused. My lover squeezes him fingers in promise of his threat. I stop bucking and focus on my body joining his in a fast frenzy.

I could feel it building as I felt my mind starting to slip away. The more I slipped, the better my pussy felt. Just as I was about to pass out, my body went full force into a shock wave of delight. My lover pulls me back to the surface as I ride out the orgasm. While catching my breathe My pussy clenches harder down on him, bringing him full circle with me.

Now as I said this was all a dream. I doubt it would play out this way but fun to tell you about my experience! You have any weird dreams that got you off? Call and tell me about it, or leave a comment!



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