Dripping cum after an Explosive Blow Job!

Dripping cum after an explosive blowjob at the gym! I was one of the last people at the gym the other night. The crew was trying to finish cleaning and get the place close up. I could tell they were just waiting for the few of us to finish up our workouts. I was doing a few more weight machines.

I was on my favorite weight machine- the one that works out your inner thighs. You have to straddle this machine. You spread your legs out wide and move them in and out. I was intensely working the machine when I noticed a young guy staring at my crotch as I worked my thigh muscles. As soon as he noticed I caught him. he blushed and looked away.

I didn’t blame him for looking. My crotch was wet with sweat and I had a serious camel toe. I could see he had a hard-on.

“Hey- come here,” I said to him. He shyly walked over. “if you let me keep working out, I will totally make it worth your while. I just need an extra 30 minutes.” He thought about it and said ok. He went to his coworkers and told him he would lock up. They could go home.

The kid came back to me and watch me as I finished my weights. I thanked him. I looked down at his crotch. He had a massive mound inside his shorts. I got on my knees and started to stroke his cock through his shorts. “This is how I am going to repay you,” I said.

I slid his shorts and jockeys down and his huge boner popped out. Fuck yeah! I love cock so much! I started to lick and suck his cock.

He got so overwhelmed with his excitement, he blew his load in my mouth and all over my tank top!

I left the gym sweaty and covered in cum and totally satisfied! I love working out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke