Drink up! Forced Intox with a Lush

Isn’t forced intox so much fun?  Well it might not be for you, but it sure as hell is for me!  Getting you drunk, stoned, or both makes you like a putty in my hands.  I can make you do, say, and tell me all kinds of thing you never would in your right state of mind.  Mix a little forced intox with blackmail and we are in business for some serious phone sex!  Buckle up, boys!  You’re in for a wild ride!

My last forced intox call was awesome.  He is your typically thirsty something year old guy who still lives home with mommy and daddy.  He always calls when he is already half lit so getting him to be black out drunk is pretty easy.  Its so funny to hear him take shots too.  I swear he gags on each one.  I still don’t know how he manages to finish the whole bottle, but he usually ends up throwing up before he passes out.  Fucking pussy!

I have had him tell me all the things he is so scared to tell other girls.

 Thank god he also like a little humiliation with his forced intox because he loves to share the juicy goods.  I know all about his failed business, his shitty books, and even mommy and daddy.  He knows better than to piss e off though.  With just one email or phone call I could destroy whatever he has left in his pathetic fucking life, and let me tell you, its pretty pathetic.  Poor thing can’t even manage to buy himself a decent bottle of liquor most of the time.

If you can’t get a girl to drink with you at the bar, the next best thing is to have a girl force you to drink over the phone.  Not only do you get you get to be my play thing, but we can both get a good laugh at your expense.  Chug, gulp, and force those shots down your fucking throat!  I don’t stop until you are all mine!

Grab a bottle, pour yourself a drink, and give me a call for drunken Phone Sex!