Dressing Up My Alpha Male, Like A Little Sissy

Dressing up my alpha male, like a little sissy! My boyfriend Joe is one of those guys that think he’s so manly and strong, a real Jason Statham type. You can definitely say that Joe is an alpha male and then some. He is, but sometimes it’s so annoying and I just wanna knock him down a peg, show him that I’m strong enough and hot enough, to make him a little bitch. I waited until we both had the afternoon off and got out my makeup bag, among other things. I took out a red lipstick, opened it up, and showed it to him.

“What do you think of this color?” I asked and he shrugged. “Let’s see how it looks on,” I said and began putting it on him. He jerked away quickly and looked annoyed, but I just teased him and asked if he was afraid of looking pretty.

He told me to stop goofing around and I told him that if he wanted me happy tonight, then he’d let me use him for my own amusement and that he’s simply shut the fuck up and take it, little sissy.

Joe wasn’t too eager to do it, but the hint of pussy later made him sit still, like a good boy. I covered his lips, with the bright red lipstick, then added some eyeshadow and blush. “Aw, don’t you look like a pretty princess,” I told him and dragged his ass to my room. I went to my closet and found a blonde wig I use for roleplay and put it on him then made him get naked. I handed him a pair of red lacy panties and matching bra to put on which he did with a scowl. The panties stretched tightly over him and he pulled at it, trying to loosen them up. “Don’t they feel nice?” I asked as I stuffed tissues in his bra. I thought about putting more clothes on him but decided it would be more fun to have him feeling exposed. “Now pick out some heels,” I told him and he grabbed the first pair he saw.

He crammed his feet into them and half of his foot hung off the edge.

I gave him a look over and was pleased with what I had done. He looked like the world’s ugliest Tranny, I don’t know how I’m ever going to fuck him again without cracking up. “Now since I’m always giving you a blowjob I think it’s only fair for you to go down on me.” I took my clothes off and saw a bulge starting in his panties while he watched. I told him that he wouldn’t be cumming tonight so try not to get too excited. His face fell with disappointment but he was going to at least get a taste of me. I got on the bed and opened my legs wide apart. I stroked my pussy with my finger and told him to do a good job. He stumbled to the bed in his heels and his wig slipped as he bent forward.

I took my hand away as his tongue flicked over my lips then pushed inside. He licked along my walls in slow swipes and I pushed my hips up, arching them and moaning when he touched my clit. “Stay there,” I ordered him and he began sucking and licking it. I shoved his head into my pussy and told him to do that thing I liked. He licked my clit in firm circles, gradually going faster while he slid a finger into me and pumped it. It felt so good, I rocked my hips and told him not to stop. My pussy gushed as I came all over his face and my leg pressed down on him harder, keeping him there while my fingers pulled his hair.

He moved away from me and his lipstick was all smudged while pussy juice glistened across his mouth.

It took all my willpower not to laugh at what I had done to my big strong man. I was having fun with this and wanted to keep going. “Oh, we’re not done yet,” I said, as I grabbed him by his hair and led him to….well let’s just say the party just got started and if you want the very best in Little Sissy phone sex, the call and let’s play!

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