More with your slutty girl here!  Dracula grabbed me by my hair and thrust his cock deep into my throat as Lorenzo buried his face between my legs; lapping my pussy like a wild man. Gagging on my Master’s cock, I still felt Lo’s tongue on my clit, driving me crazy with desire.

Lorenzo pulled his face away as he straddled me and slammed his cock into my 137/19-year-old pussy and groaned with pleasure at its tightness. So, he began thrusting his massive cock wildly in & out of my tight cunt. I felt his balls tightening up and knew he was about to cum. I felt his hot, sticky cum hit the bottom of my pussy and,  I saw my Master smile.

With his cock still buried in my throat Dracula grabbed Lorenzo by his hair and bit him; sucking the life force out of him.  Lorenzo’s prick almost doubled in size, and I thrashed and screamed like a banshee.  And, I enjoyed another of the most sublime orgasms I’d ever had.

Seeing his slutty girl in the mirror, Dracula spasmed his cock down Lorenzo’s throat.  That, caused Lorenzo to empty HIS load into ME! Not only that but, my lover Drac looked at me in a way he hadn’t before…The look was one of love. I could tell I had pleased him in a way that no one else ever had. And though this may be true, there will always be a part of him that is unreachable.

I am constantly trying to up my game, so I WILL have him CUMpletely someday.  I’m a patient woman and I always get my man. But, first I KNOW I have to help satisfy the Master’s thirst.

Once Bitten, You’ll Never Go Back!