I want pleasure, desire, lust, and only the best most intense orgasm. I don’t want trinkets, flowers, and I don’t want love songs. Valentines day isn’t always about love sometimes it’s simply about….passion….lust….desire….and the Pleasure Of Flesh……

Truth is you can wine and dine a girl and go all out but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting laid let alone a blowjob for being romantic.  So today on Valentines day i’m not looking for gifts or any of that shit. I’m looking for a simple promise, you know what that promise is?

For you to unleash your dirtiest, raunchiest, and darkest desires and secrets on me. It’s not complicated but it sure as hell better be hard, I look forward to receiving the very best pleasure. So if your not getting laid doing the romantic nice guy routine it’s time to toss the flowers pick up the phone. Me and You should be indulging in the best. So what will it be? A blindfold? Handcuffs? Paddle? Some ice? Panties? A big vibrator for me (or you)?

Maybe I haven’t listed it yet but i’m eager to hear. There’s no shame is ANYTHING and I mean anything. So what are you waiting for? Phone Sex Kingdom