She smells my panties, I like to smell and wear her dirty underwear. So what?

Girlfriends wear their boyfriend’s baggy t-shirts all the time — I like wearing my girlfriend’s dirty underwear, too. Can you imagine anything sexier than two gorgeous women swapping their dirty panties after an hours long fuck-a-thon? I definitely can’t.

A private kink of mine has always been smelling a person’s natural scent, their “body odor.” If I don’t like the way a person’s body smells naturally, I can’t feel deep, magnetic, primal, animal sexual attraction to them. That’s just how it is for me. It’s a matter of pheromones, plain and simple.

This weekend my girlfriend whisked me away to a hotel out of town so we could get away and enjoy the finer things in life, i.e having sex for hours. Fucking like that makes me hungry, so last night I took a break to grab dinner leftovers from the car. I decided to pull on her boxers instead of putting my pants back on. It just felt like the right thing to do, you know?

She got a wild look in her eye as she watched me. I was covered in her delicious cum and sweat and reeked of sex, all rosy and flushed from just cumming hard again. Grinning, I looked back at her and finished pulling her dirty underwear up over my hips because I recognized that wild look.

I knew EXACTLY why she was watching me closely: this moment was one she (and probably I) will think about while masturbating later.

We made sure there would be enough time when she dropped me off for her to fuck me again. It had to be quick. She didn’t even have time to take her clothes off, which turned me on even more. I looked at the giant puddle of cum I’d made on her jeans with approval, grinning again as I closed the door behind her . . .

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