Dirty sex stories that’ll make anyone horny

If you into erotic literature then you understand the guilty pleasures in dirty sex stories. My taste varies depending in my mood but I do have a particular favorite that makes me tingle. I don’t know if you’ll like this suggestion but hear me out before judging. When I heard the movie was in the works and after viewing the trailer I just had to read the books. Yes, that’s right fifty shades of Grey. Your thinking it’s way overrated and that may be so but did you read the books? For those into erotic literature it’s worth the read! It’s got many detailed sex scenes. And if your really into kink it has plenty of that as well. Grey is a sexy wealthy man, and Anna is unexperienced college virgin. Of course Grey has a dark secret he’s a dominant man looking to make Anna his submissive pet.

dirty sex storiesThe exciting red room

If your not into the whole sensual scene you won’t be impressed with the first sexual encounter. The red room is where things get really exciting. As Grey blindfolds and ties Anna up, he proceeds to tease and taunt her. From behind Grey kisses her neck passionately while sliding his hands into her panties. As he walks around to face her it’s then he removes her panties. Once he has her fully naked he grabs something a little more fun to use. He picks out a flat head whip and traces around her ass before spanking her with it. As Anna lets out a moan he moves the whip along her mouth tracing her lips. Dragging his flat head whip down her breast and slapping the whip against them.

I want someone to fuck me like that

But he doesn’t stop there he movies the whip down to her pussy slapping the whip there as well. Just reading the detailed sex chapter makes me squirm with excitement and I soon have fantasies about being Anna. The tease is over and now he ties her hands to the foot board and with her bent over fucks her. I never make it that far before cumming all over myself. But I often fantasize about being fucked just like this. Maybe YOU can make my fantasy cum true! Live phone sex is the best way to find out, let’s give it a go! I’ll make you cum and you can make me cum.

I have many dirty sex stories even a true sex story to tell.