Dirty secrets are about to CUM out….

Dirty secrets exposed is what this is about. I have a way to many to count and the skeletons in my closet are ready to burst out. Dirty secrets are something I love to keep. I have some of other peoples but I have even more of my own, this is just a few of them to list a few.

The time I fucked my boss….. I was temping at this small office building and I was assistant to the president of the company. I would get him coffee, his lunch, flowers to make up with his wife. You name it I got it for him. Until one day when we were working late in the office, everyone else had already gone home and it was just him and I left. He wanted coffee so I went to grab him some and while handing it to him I manage to spill it all down the front of his pants.

He jumped up and out of reaction he dropped his pants to the floor and he must have forgotten that he wasn’t wearing any underwear *giggle.

Trying to be a good assistant I grab a paper towel. I proceed to start wiping him off and I notice his cock is getting hard.

Out of nowhere he grabs me and starts to kiss me and it felt so good. His lips were soft but firm and his tongue slid into my mouth and swirled around mine. His hands moved down to my breasts and started massaging my nipples in his hands.

He picks me up and sits me on his desk and pulls up my skirt and pulls down my black lace panties and spreads my legs apart and takes his cock in his hand and starts to put it into my tight wet pink pussy…..

Want to hear the rest of my Dirty secret?

Cuckold Phone Sex!