My Neighbor is a Dirty Panty Sniffer!


A couple in their late twenties just moved in next door to me. I thought they were the boring types at first. But I soon realized that the husband was a kinky freak. It turns out he’s a dirty panty sniffer and my dirty panties quickly became his favorite way to get off.  

Here’s how I found out his dirty little secret. One day, I caught the husband sneaking out of my house! Yes, you read that right. I was driving down my street when I saw him jump out of my window on the side of my house and hop the fence back into his yard. My mouth dropped open. I thought about heading right over there to confront him but something told me to wait. 

I walked around my house assessing everything, trying to figure out what he was up to in there. Nothing was destroyed or stolen. Then I walked into my bedroom and saw my dirty laundry hamper tipped over. I definitely did not leave it like that. Then I noticed that all my pretty lacy panties were right on top of all the clothes. That’s when I realized why he wanted to sneak into my house… My neighbor was a dirty panty sniffer!

Caught in the Act

I couldn’t help but laugh. If he knew how kinky I was, he’d realize all he had to do was ask and I’d send him home with some filthy panties. I wanted to catch him in the act. So, I set up a hidden camera and made it a point to leave the house for a long time. 

I was so excited to watch the footage and see this dirty panty sniffer get off on my sweet scent. When I saw him on the screen he looked like an addict ready for his next hit. He was already hard before he got his fix. He gathered up a few of my dirty panties, laid on my bed, and held them all on his face, rubbing his hard cock and taking deep breaths. Then he whipped out a surprisingly big, thick pulsating cock. He jerked his cock with one hand and then with my panties still piled on his face, he picked one and started licking and sucking on it. 

I couldn’t help it, I’m a horny cum slut, my pussy got so wet watching this dirty panty sniffer get off on my delicious scent. Just when it looked like he was about to finish, he stopped himself. He returned my dirty panties to the hamper, straightened out my bed sheets, and snuck back out of my house in a hurry.  

I Need to Know More About The Dirty Panty Sniffer 

Of course, the dirty panty sniffer left with a stiffy which made me want to know more about what he was doing next. So, the next day I set up a second camera that looked into his bedroom window.

Later that night, I got to watch him sniff my dirty panties again. Then, just like before, he didn’t finish, he walked right back into his house. But this time I got to watch the continuation. He walked right into his bedroom and who was waiting for him? His pretty little wife, dressed like me!

She was wearing a slutty red dress almost identical to the one I was wearing right then. And, a long blonde wig. She looked hot dressed as me, I must admit. Then I got to watch as he fucked her hard and rough. I watched that on repeat as I fingered my wet pussy. 

Are you a dirty panty sniffer? I’ll let you sniff mine anytime! Call me…

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