Dirty panties pervert? I have been missing a lot of my sexy panties from the hamper. You want to smell me. Sweat, cum and pussy juices linger..

You want to put them to your nose and inhale me…. breathing in where my sexy shaved pussy and perfect ass have been because you are a dirty panties pervert. Your hand is wrapped around your cock, beating off while you imagine what a slut I was the night before. You can still smell the sex and dried cum in them. You stick out your tongue and taste the crotch, hoping your spit will resurrect the sexy juices for your taste buds. So you rub my cum filled panties all over your face, in hopes of your fantasy about me jumping to a new, more realistic level.

Then you imagine spreading my perfect pink pussy open and inserting your tongue deep inside as your tongue circles my hard clit. You taste my juices and feel precum start to drip. I’ve known a lot of dirty panties perverts in my time. You all want to be close to my slit, and you can’t, so you do the next best thing.

Anything that touches my ass and pussy is close enough for you, right?

You like the thongs, because they are sexy, but have learned the boy shorts or other kinds save more juice and aroma, as there’s more crotch to soak. You love the ass floss of the thongs to sniff my ass, though. You’re getting close to cumming and so you wrap them around your dirty panties pervert fuck stick and jerk off with my panties the rest of the way. They feel so good wrapped around your dick, and the soft material with the wet spot slide effortlessly up and down your shaft.  As you shoot your load, you tighten my panties around your cock base and watch your jizz pump out and flood them with your seed. Are you going to return them like that? 🙂 That’s happened more than once. Cum tribute my used panties,

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