What Do You Get When You Combine Phone Sex & 2 Dirty Dolls?

So, have you guessed it yet? Do you know what you get when you combine phone sex and two Dirty Dolls? Cum closer and I will tell you! You get Dirty on the Thirty, with Rockin Roxy and Vixen Veronica! That’s right two of Danielle’s Dirty Dolls have teamed up once again to give you a show like you’ve never heard before. Except now, it’s better than ever. Something real, something authentic and oh so much fun. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. It really is a win, win for us all and that’s never a bad thing.

Have you ever wanted to know what’s a day in the life of a PSO is like? Have you ever been curious about what women REALLY think about? Wonder no more babe! This is your opportunity to experience women in a totally different way. With none of the bitching, none of the honey dews and certainly none of the men bashing. No instead you’re going to experience the fun-loving, erotic side of women that most men like you have always been curious about.

We women have secrets, we’re mysterious and here is your chance to discover them.

This season we’ll have a ton of interesting guests from fellow Dirty Dolls, to celebrities (and yes we mean celebrities) and everyone in between! Do you want to be a guest? Maybe you want to get your voice out there and talk about something that really tickles your fancy. So don’t be shy, we won’t bite….unless you ask! Talk to us, play with us and engage us. We’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you think, maybe you have a great show idea or maybe you can recommend an amazing guest. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

Where else can you be yourself and have a good time. No need to put on a performance for us, just sit back, relax and enjoy our show. We’ll give it to you the only way the Dirty Dolls know how to give it, 100% real. Cum, unleash and unlock the mysteriousness of us women and Dirty on the Thirty is your ticket there babe! Dirty on the Thirty is your window into a whole new world. Join us every Thursday Night @ 11:30PM EST. Listeners will be offered exclusive Dirty on the Thirty Promotional Offers, I mean who doesn’t want free phone sex? And it’s yours for the taking, all you have to do is listen and enjoy.

Why worry about rules and limits?

Let’s just throw out the rule book, throw out the limits and soar with us. Let’s together go places we’ve only dreamed of! Get to know us in ways you never thought possible before now. There’s no place I’d rather be on a Thursday night, than with one of my fellow Dirty Dolls, Roxy and YOU! We will stop at nothing to give you a show like you’ve never experienced before. We want to tease you, please you and rock your phone sex world.

So get comfy, get naked and let’s get Dirty! We’ll see you there boys, don’t be late! As always, please feel free to get to know any one of us Dirty Dolls individually, but then again there’s nothing wrong with getting to us together. Have you ever tried a two or even three girl call? Just something to think about. Well there you have it gentleman, Dirty on the Thirty in a nutshell. Listen and tell us what you think! See you soon gentleman on the next, Dirty on the Thirty!

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