Nothing gets me wetter than a woman as sexy as I am. Brains, beauty, and incredible sex skills, just like me. Of course, that is why I am so turned on, it is like I am getting to fuck myself. Dirty lesbian sex has so many options and so many things to try. It is a naughty cum fest for all of the women in our fun. Did you think it was just one woman I am fucking.

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I have blanket pallets on the floor and we are all laying together. Intertwining with each other making out completely naked. Soft skin, breasts, asses, and pussies all touching and rubbing together. This is the orgy men dream of and women crave. We enjoy our time alone because it is non-stop orgasms for us.

Oh, and the toys we can use are endless!

In contrast, I do love ruling over men as a Sensual Domination Mistress. Seducing him with all my amazing skills and then controlling him with all my tools. It is important to know my sub first so we can have the best sessions. Once we are better acquainted, I can give him the very best domination with a soft touch. I am amazing at driving men over the edge.

Of course, I can use many of my Sensual Domination Phone Sex skills with the ladies as well. For tonight’s orgy, I have all the satin, silk, lace, and rope ready. I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in a chair watching the fun. The ladies don’t see you but I do. I see you jerking off and we are making eye contact.

You can’t touch us but you can see all that is going on.

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You know I love the tease and denial game.

I look at you and mouth to stop jerking off. I see your pain but you have to stop or suffer the consequences. She and I do not stop. The other girls are kissing us and sucking our tits as we are fucking. We re-position into doggie style and I look over to permit you to start jerking off again, slowly.

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