A dirty hot shower always gets me in the right mood for naughty activities! After a long day in classes, it is just the thing I need to unwind.

When I got out of my dirty hot shower, I was feeling so horny! My thighs were dripping wet but it wasn’t from the shower! I eagerly tiptoed down the hallway to my room, but before I could go inside of my room to finger my sweet pussy, the doorbell rang. I put on my bathrobe and answered the door. My dad’s hot new coworker was standing there. His baby blue eyes were burning holes into mine. I could tell he thought I was yummy! My dad came to the door and they began discussing office business when a naughty idea sparked within me. I stood behind dad where his coworker could see me and flashed a bit of my ass from under my robe.

He could barely keep eye contact with my dad and he shifted around on the porch.

I then untied my robe and flashed my perfect perky teen tits at him, still naked from my dirty hot shower. He had asked my dad if I was his hot new nanny. It was hilarious when he realized that I was the boss’s daughter. He almost lost it, his knees buckled and his forehead trickled with sweat! My dad was none the wiser while his coworker, John, was barely able to keep a straight face. Dad invited John in and I quickly tied up my robe. I then followed Dad and John into the living room while they sat and chatted, I sat on the chair directly across John and made sure to open my legs so that he could see my pink pussy under my robe. He tried hiding his boner and I giggled!

Dad then got up to fetch some paperwork from his office and I took that as the perfect opportunity to straddle John!

He was so surprised and turned on, I have been wet since my dirty hot shower. I could tell because his bulge was so hard up against my naked ass. I quickly undid my robe and let it fall by my waist and began grinding on John’s lap, “Fuck me,” I whispered. He looked a bit scared and told me, “Your father will be back any minute now!” I giggled and decided to pull his cock out of his pants and slid him inside of me. I rode his cock up and down as fast as I could quickly squirting all over his lap as he filled me up with cum! Poor John had to hide his wet lap behind a throw pillow when Daddy came back! Teehee!


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