I So Would Love to Indulge in a Hot Cum Bath!

A hot cum bath is so sexy.  Not only are they sensual, but they are warm and sticky.  Now, how do you get there in the first place?  Find a lot of horny guys who are ready to give it all to you.

It looks so sexy dripping off of your tits and belly.  Of course, I cannot forget how lovely cum looks dripping out of the obvious holes.  However, it takes some coordination to get there in the first place.

So, how do you get a hot cum bath in the first place?

Gather your men!  All men, all sizes and shapes.  It doesn’t matter as long as they are full of the hot white stuff to bathe your hot body.

To be honest, I think getting a hot cum bath is almost as fun as sexy shower masturbation.  There is the difference that you get to see and touch all kinds of hard cocks and see them explode.

The thrill of licking, sucking, teasing, and fucking hard dicks till they cannot take anymore and that glorious cum shot comes erupting from that tortured hole.

One night my girlfriend and I went to a party hosted by a friend.

My girlfriend Tracy and I had caught an early girls-only dinner.  So, in the middle of dinner, Tracy’s phone rings and it’s a friend inviting her to come over to a party at their place.

Tracy told the friend she was out with a friend, but the friend invited both of us to come join the party.  We were already looking so pretty all dressed up.  That night I wore my short mini skirt, shirt, thigh highs, and heels.

Well, we went over to the house.

I never saw so many guys packed into one house.  They were so hot, you could feel the hormones in the air of horny guys and hard cocks.

So, you’re probably wondering how I got a hot cum bath that night?  Well, my friend Tracy was always a hoe.  She loved to get public attention.

During the party, I looked over and saw she was gone.  When I entered one of the large bedrooms, I saw her on her knees sucking a huge black dick.  He pushed his cock in and out of her tiny mouth.

There was cum dripping from her chin and cheeks.  It looked so sexy.  Tracy called me over and told me that there was a line of cocks waiting to be sucked and whatever else I wanted to do with them.  They were horny dudes and some with pulsing monster dicks.

Well, Tracy knew my craving for monster dicks.  They are so juicy and taste good in my mouth.  They feel even better in my hot pussy.

I didn’t think I could keep up with my friend, but I sure loved trying.

I knew I couldn’t suck off that many dicks like my hot girlfriend.  She was the Queen of sucking.  Well, one guy joined me and started pushing his hard veiny cock in my mouth.  It tasted so sweet and hard.

More and more men just kept coming over.

However, when guys party and they are horny, they often get more interested when a girl is giving out a blowjob.  Guys started lining up for us.  Some of them started to jack their dicks, unable to wait their turn.

I stripped so I could attract more men.  Oh, boy they came in droves and lined up around us.  It was like one big jerk off-circle. I was so excited I told them I’d take as many as I could! But if they couldn’t wait, I wanted them to give me their cum all over my sexy smooth body.

I took some down my throat, some stuffed my wet cunt.  By the end of the night, I had cum all over.  Wait!  I’m not done reliving that night or exciting you with juicy wet details.

So, are you free to give me a hot cum bath right now?  Call me for the best phone sex and let’s get wet together.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke