This Phone sex operator has always been interested in toys. I have a Top Five list! With this in mind, Let’s dive into the interesting history of Personal Sex dolls or love dolls! From inflatable to life like this toy has evolved.

The early years of Personal Sex dolls

The first reported sex dolls were back in the 17th century made by Dutch sailors. These were made of sewn cloth or old clothes. Likewise, the first record manufactured Personal Sex dolls were noted in 1908, these were made of rubber and plastic. Consequently not much is know about the early years.


History of Personal Sex dolls: Blow up dolls


Today there are many options of sex dolls today’s and one of these options is blow-up dolls. The price point of these dolls is pretty cheap usually 75$ or less. These dolls crudely resemble people with this in mind sometimes pop a seam after a few uses.  Typically used as a fun gag gift for parties. The crude but hilarious options are plenty. From Male dolls with Vinyl penis-shaped appendages to females that look like anime girls or political figures, ie the Sarah Palin Sex Doll. To sum up this section, I would keep these particularly fragile dolls to just gag gifts.


History of Personal Sex dolls: Midpoint dolls


Dolls are crafted out of a mixture of silicone and foam with mannequin heads. However, resembling somewhat close to more human feature some of these dolls can be misunderstood and come off with a creepy vibe. Dolls are usually coated in a protective zinc powder that can easily be washed off in a quick shower to your doll. The price point of these particular sex dolls is around 100$ to 1,000 Depending on the brand and the level of detail. To sum up these dolls, they are more worth the price to use then there lower quality counterparts.

History of Personal Sex dolls Silicone Love Dolls


Last quick dive but not least into sex dolls will talk about the highest price point. The Silicone love dolls. With attention to small details, these dolls come in both male and female choices and are very customizable. From hair color to eye color to bush or no bush. The male even has a penis size option and cut vs uncut!  The material is made to closely resemble and mimic real human skin and is eerily lifelike. The Higher you go in price the more and more they resemble real humans and even are sometimes made with human hair. To Sum up, these dolls if you can afford it they seem to be the best for your buck!

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