A fun dirty game to rock the night.

A dirty game was all we needed to really enjoy our Valentines day. I brought together everyone we needed to have a really good time.. My college party blonde, Casey, and two fuck buddies that we’d both played with before and had no issues sharing, Joey and Marcus. The game started as soon as we each took a shot and opened up the three bags of kinky valentine hearts. Money as on the line, too, just a bit because we didn’t really know how dirty the cards would get, or where our limits really were. A little booze would soften the playing field and make it fun as hell, though. I teamed up with Marcus, and Casey teamed up with Joey. Whenever someone refused to go on, the game was over, and the other team won. Simple…and fun.
I drew the first candy.. a sweet little pink heart saying GAG ME. Lovely way to start it off! We all took another shot, and I pulled Marcus’s pants and boxers all the way down. No shame for the night, anything that happened had to be in front of the other couple! So they got to watch me choke down all 10 inches of that cock for a few seconds, which he did not mind at all.
Casey was up next, and drew a pink heart saying SPREAD & GO. The little slut got lucky early! She had no hesitations about taking another shot, dropping those slutty pink panties, spreading those legs, and letting Joey bury it deep inside her, doggystyle right in front of us.
Round after round, the dirty game persisted, pushing us past our limits. We did a little bit of everything.. Marcus buried it in my ass, then Casey had to take a facial, we had to switch partners in the middle, and Joey had to take a nice golden shower! The kink just wouldn’t end.. but I guess I’ll keep the little tie-breaker to myself! What do you think was the candy that was dirty enough to cost one of us the game? 😉

Come play with me.

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