Hot Dirty fun at the Nude Beach with Sara and her favorite Uncle

When I was 14 my Uncle Matt came to visit. He always adored me and made sure that we had time to do things together. Sometimes we would go to a movie or the mall. I liked to pretend that he was my boyfriend. I had a bit of a crush on him even when I was young. This time, Matt seemed even more attentive to me. I loved that special feeling he gave me. But this time we are going to the nude beach.


He eyed my little tits and told me how grown up I was looking. He told me he had a special trip planned for us. It was going to be an overnight trip to the beach. He failed to tell my parents that the beach he picked out was a Nude Beach!


When we got to the hotel, Uncle Matt said he had some surprises for me. The first one was a gorgeous red bikini! Uncle Matt said that since my body was changing I should have a sexy bikini to show it off. I loved it! He helped me try it on. Of course, I could dress but I liked how his hands felt on me.  He said he had a lot more surprises in store for me once we got back from the beach.  We walked down to the beach holding hands. Uncle Matt explained to me that this was a special beach and everyone would be very nice. That is when I noticed that everyone on the beach was nude! Matt told me this could be our special beach from now on. He pulled his trunks down and that is when I first saw his massive cock!

That was the first time I had an urge to want to lick it and put it in my mouth.

He laid on the towel and told me I could take my bikini off. I felt shy but excited too. I could feel the eyes men around me watch me slowly remove my bikini top. Uncle Matt’s cock started to twitch as I slid my bottoms off.  We had a blast at the beach. Swimming was wonderful in the nude. Uncle Matt was very thorough putting sunscreen lotion on me as I lay in the sun. I felt wet when he rubbed it into my inner thigh.

This was when I decided I wanted Uncle Matt to take my virginity. And he did that night. It was painful but it made Uncle Matt sooo happy. He promised it would get easier and better if we kept practicing.  It really did.   I love my Uncle Matt!

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