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The three girls sat in the living room and watched their friend play with himself. He was always the weird one in school and one day he approached the girls and told them his little fetish. He enjoys being watched by women while he strokes himself, it’s the only way he’ll get off. Of course, he asked the girls if he could put on a cum eating show for them and of course, they agreed. I love Adult Chat!

Sitting there watching him stroke himself was so erotic for the girls. They never had to touch him but they could feel his sexual energies through his moans. He sat on the other couch with one leg up high while he stroked himself and massaged his balls. He liked to alternate which legs where risen and he would switch hands every now and then. Every time he switched hands, he would look up at the girls and grin. He loved that they were watching him.

Eventually, he put both legs above his head and fucked himself in the ass with a 10-inch dildo while he stroked his cock. The anal fucking really made everything much more exciting. Watching his hand slide up and down on his slippery cock made the girls so wet! They started playing with their pussies while watching him. The way his legs were behind his head, his cock was so close to his face he could probably taste it.

The girls begged him to taste his own cock, they begged and cried until he did what he was told.

Which didn’t take long. It was easy to tell that he had done it before. He shoved the whole thing in his mouth and with his lips pressed around his cock, he started bobbing it in and out of his throat. The girls loved seeing him suck himself off like that and fuck himself in the ass at the same time!

Finally, the girls started getting impatient with him and started talking shit so he would cum faster. He was taking too long and they all knew how much he loved being called a little faggot. The more shit they talked the more moans would escape his mouth. They called him a cum eating faggot while he choked on his own cock and they giggled at him. They loved having this power over him.

All three of them surrounded him and started calling him names to make him explode already. They really really wanted to watch him eat his own cum. The girls called him dirty names.  They called him a dirty little cum dumpster. His cock started to twitch and throb, almost ready to burst!

At last, he finally burst his load into his own mouth! He had cum dripping off his chin onto his chest, with his legs above his head, and a dildo in his ass. The girls cheered for him and they were all satisfied! The girls couldn’t wait for their next cum eating show!

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