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Dirty Brother Sister Sex is pretty fucking hot. I found out my friend has been fucking her brother since she was 15! I couldn’t believe her at first when she told me. Claire is kind of a shy average girl with glasses and a quiet voice. I thought she was hot in a geeky sort of way. She kind of kept to herself and when we all started talking about sex, she would usually keep quiet. I figured she was a virgin or something.

A few days ago we were talking on the phone. We were talking about guys and I suggested since we are both single – we should go out and meet some new guys. I always love tasting fresh cock! She finally told me that she was seeing someone.

I was surprised but happy for her. I asked her where she met him. “Well, I have known him for a long time.” She answered. “I guess you could say I have always known him. Hmmmm, I was getting curious.

“Sara, my brother and I have been fucking for a long time. I don’t want to stop fucking him. ” She blurted out to me.

“Oh Wow, Claire! Are you serious? How did this start? Tell me all about it!” I was getting hot and wet as she started to tell me the details.

“Well, I guess it started when I was 11 and he was 13. He would sneak into my bed and want to cuddle. Sometimes I felt his hard cock rub against me. I didn’t think much about it, until he started to ask me to stroke it for him. Just loved how his dick felt in my hand. I felt powerful making it hard and then cum.”

“On my 15th Birthday, he said he had a special gift for me. When everyone was downstairs at my birthday party, he took me up to his room. So he made me lay on his bed and he pulled out his cock. He told me not to be scared and he was gong to fuck me for my birthday.”

“He pulled down my panties and put his hard throbbing cock into me. It hurt but I kind of loved it.”

“We started fucking regularly after that. Now I never want it to end. Is that horrible?”

I thought for a minute. I was so wet from that story. “No Claire, if it makes you happy I think you should keep fucking your brother. When I got off the phone with her I had to masturbate to the idea Clair and her brother fucking!

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