Handsome, funny, wild and free.  A mixed between a badass and a lover.  The perfect man with the perfect everything.  I was so in love at fourteen.  He was a  senior of course.  I couldn’t help myself.  He was everything a girl could want.  At fourteen I was in the goofy stage of my blossoming beauty.  It was kind of hard to get guys to notice me.   However, it did not mean that these guys weren’t making me tingle on the inside that’s for sure!

Especially J. B Eckert.  Senior class man.   Not the captain of the foot ball team though like some would think. He was however captain of the basketball team.  He was probably one of the best players I have ever seen.  One night I went to an after school program(ok it was detention).  To my surprise J.B was in there as well.  The teacher that was on detention duty was one of the cool ones.  So even though we were stuck in what seemed like a closet.   It really wasn’t that harsh of a punishment.

I was in detention for punching J.B’s girlfriend in the face.  He was in there for getting caught with cigarettes and smoking in the boy’s room.  I thought for sure he was going to be so mad at me for giving his girlfriend a black eye.  However, not so much.  He took me by hand and thanked me.  He told me that I gave her Exactly what she deserved.  I begged god to magically let his hand become glue to mine.

That was it.  That was all it took.  I found my way to the rest room forty-five minutes into the detention. I began unzipping my jeans  with the very hand that J.B touched  me with.  I pulled my pants down around my ankles.  I moved my panties to the side.  I remember I had vigorously rubbed the fuck out of my clit.  A. Because I was afraid of getting caught and B. I was so raptured in the fantasy of J.B taking control of my sweet body and basically ripping it apart.

I fantasized about him wrapping me up in his big strong arms and planting a huge wet kiss right on my lips.  One that would turn into a make out session.  A make out session that would lead up to him ripping my clothes off me.    Slamming his giant cock deep inside me. Taking my innocence and ripping it to shreds.  Then leaving his freshly made man juice all over my face.  Leaving me to ravish his cum.   Leaving me completely satisfied and of course walking funny.

Well, now I am off to stalk google to see if I can find J.B.  Considering he is the one with the cock I let get away.