I must admit, here is something a little sexy about a hot guy with a diaper fetish Now, I’ve had an adult baby before, but this guy was a little different. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you all the naughty details about our night of diaper fun.

Here’s how I found out about his diaper fetish

My night with Jason was going so good and he was a perfect gentleman. So after dinner, drinks, dancing and lots of laughs we both decided to take it back to his place. He had me extremely turned on.  After all, he was very handsome, a perfect height, big hands and from the dancing I get tell had a nice size cock too. I must admit that I was very excited about seeing what the end of the night would bring.  Mind you, diaper fetish would be the last thing I expected from our date.

We made it to his place!

So we both decided once at his place, that we get a little more comfortable. While Jason made us both a drink I decided to take an uninvited tour of the house. That’s when I stumbled upon the cutest room that I assumed was a nursery. I couldn’t help but ask Jason about it.  I definitely wanted to know if he had young kids. That’s when Jason revealed his pamper fetish.

After learning of his diaper fetish, I was undeniably turned on. I could not wait to explore more of this pampered side of Jason. He was relieved that I was more turned on than freaked out.  Then began to show me all of the wonderful baby clothing, diapers, pacifiers, and things that we could enjoy tonight.

So I decided to run Jason and I a bath. We both enjoyed bathing each other in the fruity essence of Mr. Bubbles.  It was fun laughing, playing, and having the best bubble time.  After we were both nice and clean I got out of the bath first, so that he could watch me dry off.  I wrapped my towel around me, got Jason out of the tub, and then dried him from head to toe. We went into his special room where he laid on the bed naked. I was more than ready to pamper him.   Want to know what happened next?  Stay tuned for part 2 or call me to find out all the juicy details.


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