Robbie and I have lots of fun now that I’ve discovered he has a diaper fetish. I enjoy changing it for him for the sole reason that I just can’t keep my hands off his cock while I do it. My goal is to get him rock hard and make him cum. I have been encouraging to wear diapers in public. I usually carry a couple in my huge tote. On Friday he finally did it before heading to the mall.

We went through a few stores and bought lots of things. It was fun having him try on clothes and seeing how happy he was to wear his diaper out in public, like he had always want it to. We grabbed something to drink, and that is when he wet it. I, like the best girlfriend that I am, took him to the back and deserted section of a store and I checked. He definitely needed me to change it. We made our way to restrooms, and since it wasn’t rush hour at the mall, they were all mostly empty. We went into the “family restroom”. I took his diaper off, started kissing him and rubbing his cock. All I want it was to have him in my mouth. For some strange reason I loved the scent of pee on his cock. I immediately got on my knees and start taking him into my mouth. He help my head in place and face fucked me. I gagged quickly and choked on his thick cock.

He pushed up against the door of the restroom. He only pulled my dress up, he didn’t even take my panties off. He pushed them to the side and entered my tight cunt. He started pumping fast and very deep. I could feel his balls tapping my soft skin. I was moaning load and the only thing Robbie could do was to cover my mouth and keep fucking me. I could hear people passing by, even some trying to open the door.

After he made me get on my knees and swallow his cum. I put a clean diaper on him.

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