Diamond Divas love to play!

Diamond Divas are who we are,
If your in your house or in your car,
Great phone sex fun is never far.

No matter what your looking for,
Sweet and adorable or just a little whore,
We are here to serve for evermore.

Diamond Divas are naughty and nice,
Sometimes made of sugar and spice,
All you have to do is pick a babe and roll the dice.

In the mood for daddy’s little girl,
I will stand and let you watch me twirl,
In those boots you adore,
I will be daddy’s little whore.

Summer is also a daddy’s baby,
Give her a call and try her maybe.

Got a sweet tooth from above,
Camille, she’s your chocolate love.

With Malory, anything goes,
From her head to her toes.

Ready to be punished Andi is the mistress of taboo,
Ready to turn you black and blue.

Diamond Divas always around,
Just waiting to listen while you hear our sound.

Aileen is your Goddess from above,
Ready to dominate all your love.

Bridgette is the mommy you need,
With her big tits when time to feed.

Melissa is our milf from the south,
Sweet and sassy even her mouth.

Last but not least is Stephanie,
Our adorable sweetie,

So there you have it so you see,
Now the decision is who will it be.

Diamond Divas are never far,
In your house or in your car.

Always just a phone call away,
Give us a call when you’re ready to play.

Just remember we are never free,
There is always a cost even if you wanna hear us pee.

So make your choice and cum blow your load,
And ease your mind of that work load.

Charming Chase is here for you,
I promise to keep your balls from turning blue.

So no matter what your looking for,
I am sure you will find your perfect whore.

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