The Devil Owns My Body

The Devil owns my body and I love it!

He grabbed me and kissed me. I pushed him away. I was dancing with the devil. He was satan disguised as a woman. She…or he, however you would like to see it, drew me in. Fulfilled my every sexual desire. My every PhoneSex fantasy. She pulled me in until I had nothing left. I was drained but it was all worth it.

I was a young girl, I would come home from school and see my mother talking to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. As I walked in each day from school she would be there, but as soon as I walked into the door she would leave. My mother would have everything she needed. She would even take me shopping after this woman left. But she only gave my mother just enough to get by. So my mother would crave more. She was addicted to sex and this woman gave her everything she needed sexually. But for the small amount that my mother told me she needed more. It was like a drug and she would do anything to get another taste. But she was never full. When I grew older the woman started to hang around more. Eventually my mother died and this woman was looking for a new victim. She has all eyes on me. I tried very hard to resist her sexual advances but she could not be resisted. So I gave in. I gave her my body, and she used it however she pleased. She would bring men over for me to fuck, and I would fuck them so well, they could not walk right the same day. She gave me a power, a sexual power. I could fuck for days with out sleeping or eating. I loved it! It was the most pleasure and and the most happy I had ever felt. I was lost in a daze. One night she brought over a group of men. She tied me to a board in the middle of the room and they each fucked me. Taking their time. When the sun came up there were still men for me to please. I laid there like a good slave. I let each and every one of them fuck me. I don’t know why, but my pussy craved them. Like I crave every man who calls me. I am still under her spell. I desire sex to the extreme. I need it, and I will do anything I can to get it. I do still believe she is the devil and has me under her control. But no one can fuck me the way she can. I will give her anything just to have her fuck me one last time.

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