Depraved And Deviant, Am I Alone?

Women are so fickle, and I would go so far as to say stupid for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I find it so refreshing to talk to, play with and spend my time with worldly, intelligent women. There is nothing I love better than being schooled in the art of sucking cock or how to make a man fall to my his knees and worship me, but these days, those kind of women are few and far between.

I am a woman, and I love women, but I still find it wickedly teasing to play horrible mind games with the slightly less mentally endowed members of my own sex.

So sometimes, when I’m feeling especially devilish, I will go out and randomly pick a girl in a club/bar, probably the smallest, cutest out of the crowd, and always very young.

She’s usually the one with no friends/outcasts from the group, pretty but doesn’t realize it, and she’s the one my predatory eye lands on.

Skulking in the shadows, nervous and hiding from prying eyes, she’s the one I want.

So i use my feminine wiles in the worst way, the way that goes against a Mother’s instinct, the one that tells you to take this beautiful, innocent creature, and forever marry her, be the first to show her how fucking bad the world can be.

And in my twisted mind, I take that opportunity, that I could of taken to show her how amazing life and love can be, and instead I show her the most depraved and deviant and try to get her ready and compliant for the rest I have to show her. Get her ready for me, and reality.

I am alone in thinking like this? Is my sick brain that bad? I don’t know anymore, I think maybe I need to see a shrink…will you be my shrink? I ain’t got health insurance, maybe we can work out a pro-bono agreement..?

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