I Toured A Dental School, But Left With An Oral Exam!

After graduating from school I decided to go and tour some dental schools. I wasn’t sure I’d be attending them but I thought it would be fun to do anyway. I was invited to go look at one in Washington. Then I packed my bags and flew out there for a weekend. I met the tour guide, Justin, and immediately thought he was a hot piece of ass. I’d love to perform an oral exam on him!

We started up in the dental labs, looking at the different workstations and equipment they had. My geeky dental side was freaking out with excitement. Justin was explaining the whole time how the students spend plenty of time in the lab, learning all sides of lab work. He then took me down a level to the patient rooms where all the dental and oral procedures were performed. I loved following him and watching his ass! Damn did he have a fine one.

Lastly, he took me into the massive classrooms. They were gorgeous! The desks were lined up so perfectly that the professor could be heard all around. Justin sat on one of the desks as we chatted and laughed about different things. We got on the topic of my plans for the weekend and I told him I had nothing going on. He invited me out to dinner with his friends that night. I happily accepted.

Before leaving the classroom he pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. I of course returned the kiss and then let my hands wander. He ended up sitting back on one of the desks with his pants down. I was going to get that oral exam now and I couldn’t wait! I slowly started to suck on his cock as his hand rested on the back of my head. He slowly started to move his hips up and down and I bobbed my head faster and faster.

I could feel his cock swelling with pleasure and getting close to releasing that sweet cream into my mouth! I sucked him harder, craving his taste! As soon as I picked up the speed he gave me a mouth full of delicious cum! He pulled a napkin out of his pocket and whipped my mouth up. He kissed me again and then walked me to my car!

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