Sissy Cuckold: Humiliation is all you deserve.

He is the definition of Sissy Cuckold. From the feminine sound of his voice to the way he rolls his eyes, that man has sugar in his tank. By the end of the day, we will learn the fate of a little faggot who craves cock. He kept this little secret to himself till I came along. Now, he is not only a sissy bitch but a grade A fluffer boi. Humiliation is all you deserve.

Drop your wrist little one. You need to realize that I now own you, and everything you do. I bought some gloss for your lips. Cherry red, and perfect for cock suckers. First things first. You need to learn to suck a dick the right way. I stuck fake dicks to the wall for you to practice on. 7 inches to 12, you need to learn to go from white to black. My sex toy collection is vast.

On your knees Sissy Bitch.

Don’t mind me if I laugh. The sight of a man stretching his jaws to take dick makes me giggle. Forced Sex Stories like this one are my favorite. As the saliva runs down his chin, and his eyes water, my hand is the guide. He was a natural cock sucker, and with the gloss on his lips, it was a perfect sight.

“Suck it, dirty bitch. Take it deeper.”
“Your wife is out for the night fucking a real man.”
While she is out, go grab her panties and slide them on. You need to take that 12-inch black one so when she comes home, you’ve both had BBC. Both of you suck, fuck, and dress like a little bitch. A sissy cuckold is born. Embrace the humiliation. There is nothing like the creation of a bitch boi and downfall of a man. As a young girl I loved playing with Barbie dolls, and today, you become one. Hurry up, Ken is ready to blow.
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