Dark Web Daddys Desire. Selling on the Internet Has Never Been So Easy!

Dark Web Daddys Desire has been kicked up a notch! You may remember last week I told you about all the fun I had playing Daddy daughter quarantine games. Well, that was nothing compared to the adventure I went on when I discovered Dark Web Daddys Desire. It started innocently enough, with daddy showing me the renovations he’d made to our city home. The new wet bar, the water wall, the new home theater system..they were all awesome. He has always had good taste if a little old fashioned. However, something in his demeanor changed when he took me down to the basement. He had turned it into an honest to God torture den. It reminded me of when we did videos of my barely legal anal porn training! Ouchy! Giggle.

“Well, Joey, what do you think?” he asked as he showed me around. There was a sex swing, an x-frame for tying people up, of course, a bed, a rack, and a pillory! On the walls were various whips, riding crops, paddles, leatherwear, masks, ball gags, even an old fashioned pear. He had a glass case full of more modern dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes; including one that looked like a reciprocating saw with a dildo where the blade would be. I shuddered…”D-D-Daddy, where did you find all this stuff?” I asked. He smiled at me and said, “Dark Web Daddys Desire beautiful, you can find anything there”. I watched as he walked around his various toys, wondering if he’d used any of them. Then I noticed, in one corner of the room a very new and modern video camera mounted on a tripod.

“Daddy, have you actually USED this stuff??”

“Hell, baby, you’d be amazed at how much money I’ve made on the Dark Web catering to other Dark Web Daddys Desire. In fact, that is one of the reasons I was so happy you were coming here and not to the Hamptons.” I looked at him and saw him smile at me. “You’re going to help me fulfill a very special order” and before I knew it he had me bent over my arms and head trapped in the pillory.
“Daddy!!” I shouted, “What are you going to do??”
“Nothing we haven’t done before, Joey, but with a few added touches, I’m going to make enough money off this video to pay for your next year at that fancy college you use as a dating service.”

I heard him rummaging around behind me and couldn’t help but get a little wet.

I loved being completely at the mercy of my dark web Daddys desires. When he came around from behind me he moved over to the video camera and set it up to capture the action, I almost didn’t recognize him. He was dressed in black leather chaps wearing collars around his neck and biceps and carrying a black leather hood! So THAT’S how he could get away with making porn in his basement and still keep up his standing in the community. Dressed as I was in a white sundress and no underwear, I knew this was going to be an experience with my Daddy I would never forget. I could only wonder at what other Dark Web Daddys Desire he was planning to fulfill. Hmmm. Guess I was about to find out!

I saw my Daddy put on his hood and the red light blink on the camera. No one has ever accused me of being stupid so I started to struggle and act afraid. I struggled against the pillory, but there was no way I was getting out of it. That’s when he put a clothespin on each one! Owww.

The next thing he did was take all my beautiful waist-length brown hair and tie it in a knot, I guess so his perv clients could see my body better.

I heard him take something off the wall; and the next thing I knew I felt the SMACK of a ping pong paddle against my ass! “Oww,” I screamed!  It was more from surprise than anything else. He HAS smacked me much harder than that, but I wanted to put on a good show for him. So, I started crying and begging for him to stop. That just brought more and harder spankings until I felt my ass glowing like a cherry tomato. He carefully picked up the camera and moved it behind me someplace. And that’s when I heard the Sawzall dildo start-up. Spankings had always gotten me wet. So, when he pushed it inside me and started it up, there was very little actual discomfort. However, I wanted to give a good show for all those watching Dark Web Daddys Desire.
As the fake phallus slammed in and out of my tight little pussy, I had my first orgasm. Pushing my hips back, trying to get more and more of it inside of me. By the time he nudged that sucker up to 10, I was squirting all over him. The tool, and hell, probably the display cases behind him too. I had never tried that particular type of vibrator, but now I HAVE to get one for MY collection.

For 15 minutes we put on a show; culminating with him bringing the camera back in front of me and him shoving his cock down my throat!

Pushing my head up and down on his erection, faster and faster until he came all over my face. Finally, yanking my head up for the camera, he ripped off the clothespins from my nipples. That drew a very real cry of surprise and pain from my lips.

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