Your sex is nothing…unless your sex swallows you…it’s not being done right! And, the darker the sex…the better!  To be dark, I don’t mean a little hair pulling or, a smack on that ass!  I mean, darkness so depraved, you have to wonder if you’re alright in the head!  Dark sex that makes you avert your eyes the next morning; now THAT…That’s dark sex! LOL.  Stay with me.  See how dark I can go!

I first discovered my propensity for debauchery at the tender age of 19, but don’t think it stopped there!  I moved on to all manner of dark sex, to include BDSM and Accomplice sex.  When I say dark sex, I mean the darkest.  One of my favorite lovers allowed himself to be tied to my playroom wall, before taking it in the ass all night…on camera! Another lived to feel my Golden Showers and, another still loved to clean me…EVERYWHERE!

Spanking?  Oh, no. I only have two speeds…Full-throttle & Stop!  My men prefer me full-throttle, trust me!  Tonight, I’ll entertain a local preacher-man.  Boy, does he love my treatment.  I strip him of everything, especially his pride!  My tongue finding places he never knew he had and probing him until he’s ready to confess to anything! I wish you could watch, as he grinds his ass on my tongue before leaving him cumpletely spent!

Sadly, I won’t let him stick around long enough to recoup his manhood.  It’s pretty much my modus operandi, right, so why not let my Freak Flag fly?  Whatever you want, you can count on getting it from me, because, your desire is always my pleazure!  Enter the kingdom of filthy wet dreams, and take me along for the ride.

Enter my dark world!


What’s Your Safe Word, Baby?