Daddy’s slutty Princess wants to give you the BEST ๐ŸŽ„Christmas๐ŸŽ„ ever!

Daddy’s slutty princess fantasies are always delicious, but they’re even better during the holidays, don’t you think? I know it’s early December, but Christmas will be here soon before you know it, right?

Therefore, I have the *best* idea! Not only will we celebrate tonight, but we’re also going to celebrate “the spirit of the season” ALL year long! Even more, we’ll make our playtime the dirtiest incest sex story ever! ๐Ÿ˜‡

Remember last Christmas Eve, Daddy?ย  You came down the stairs to discover me rubbing my sweet, young pussy under the tree? I’d fallen asleep while staring up at the pretty, twinkling lights. Waking from an erotic dream, I found myself rubbing my swollen little clitty through my drenched pink panties.

Moaning aloud, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about you while I played with my bald cunt, Daddy. You didn’t reveal your presence at the time, but I felt confident that I was being watched. Furthermore, I was sure that the “someone” perving me was YOU!

That realization made me whimper and writhe under the sparkly Christmas tree. It felt so GOOD to tweak my pert teen nipples as I urgently fondled my throbbing, slick clitty. Even though I could see no one present in the room, I could FEEL your presence. As I panted and squirmed with need, I imagined you kneeling between my thighs, ready to fuck me with that thick, hard Daddy boner.

Fuuuuuck, knowing you were watching made me cum so very hard.

It’s amazing that my muffled screams of ecstasy didn’t awaken the entire house! Admit it, Daddy. You haven’t been able to get the sight of my firm young body (nor the sound of my sultry moans!) out of your mind. I can feel you watching me, whenever you think no one will notice. Your gaze feels like a caress, which makes me want your hands on my body NOW!

It’s time to confess, Daddy. You want me. And not just a little bit. More than you’ve ever wanted anything in your entire life.

Let’s face it, you’re obsessed with the idea of making me Daddy’s slutty little princess on the sly. More than once, I’ve secretly listened to you jerk off in bed after Mommy leaves for work. Even better, I’ve actually SEEN you pumping that big Daddy cock.

Where and when, you might ask? Well, that’s easy to answer. Everywhere! For instance, I watched you in the shower as you fantasized about fucking your beautiful jailbait daughter. How did I know it was me you were thinking about? Because more than once, I’ve heard you helplessly groaning my name as you shot long, sticky ropes of cum against the shower wall, that’s why!

Perhaps you’ve managed to resist the secret temptation (so far!) to play with your own daughter because the idea is super taboo. What if you were to find out that I want you just as much? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

So this year, I’ve decided to surprise you, Daddy. Indeed, I’m gonna give you everything you’ve been craving and MORE.

It is MY Christmas wish to make this holiday season all about the #1 man in my life: You, Daddy! We can do anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Anything goes! After all, it’s all about YOU! Mmm Daddy, my mouth is watering for you as I write this, did you know that?

And my pussy is dripping so much that my panties are super soaked! Just imagine it, Daddy. Finally, you’ll get to experience my eager mouth and hungry little tongue, finding ALL of your most sensitive places.

Then after you’ve filled my throat with your first load of many, there are SO many delights for you to enjoy.

Which will you choose next, Daddy? Will you lick and suck your girl’s juicy little pussy? After that, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist popping my barely legal cherry! Then again, perhaps you’ll go straight for my vulnerable teen ass.

Indeed, how many different ways will you plunder my tight back door for your pleasure, Daddy? Oh yes, I know you’ve been drooling for a taste of my little teen ass. Can you imagine how gooooood it’s going to feel when you get to fill your naughty daughter’s back fuckhole for the very first time?

Regardless of what you choose, this will be one Christmas that neither of us will ever forget. And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Indeed, you can play with Daddy’s slutty princess all year long!

This is gonna be the most awesome Christmas ever, Daddy!

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Your naughty playmate,

๐Ÿ˜‡ Angel ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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