Daddy’s Girl Raped

I went to a lovely intimate resort as part of a friend’s wedding party for the weekend. While there I was drugged, me, Daddy’s Girl Raped. I was raped while I was asleep. It had been a long day traveling and just high energy giggle girl group with the ladies all the way. It was not too late when we arrived but they all went to their rooms. I went to the bar to unwind andone drink. I was the only lady so I got a lot of attention in a room full of groomsmen. After a very short time, I felt groggy and went to my room. Entering I slid out of my dress, kicked out of my shoes and collapsed on the bed.

There was a flash of light.

I felt hands on my body positioning my legs open. I tried to move but it was like my body was paralyzed. Terror flooded me as I realized I could barely crack my eyes lids open. There is a man with me. I was so scared yet the adrenaline flooding my body had my body feeling so alive. I could feel every tiniest peace in anticipation.

He is taking pictures.

His hands I positioning my body leaving me open and exposed. He leaned over my face and began licking and sucking my lips. His tongue pushed in between my teeth. Then he moved to lie half atop me as he French kissed my unresponsive lips. He is talking I think he is videoing it all as well.

“I am 68 years old. I had wanted to do something like this for so


He slowly slid his flattened palm up across me, began feeling my slim body… pushing my hands across my flat, warm tummy to my chest. My breasts were rounded swells, and back down. I could feel my nipples taunt aching in anticipation.

It was so hard to think.

He traced the pure white area under my breasts where the sun had never touched, and leaned over to lie with his face over them. He licked a nipple, then sucked it. Then he kissed and felt my body for the next ten minutes, taking the opportunity of my defenselessness. He pulled my torso up enough to hold me in his arms, then lay me back to lie unconscious in front of him.

He stood up and my fear spiked higher.

I still could not move, make a sound, or even open my eyes enough to see. I heard his zipper down. Picturing him tugged them open, naked.  “I am going to do it… I couldn’t believe it, but I am going to go ahead and rape her Just look at my full erection. Filming it all.”

He sat straddling my neck,

and pushed his broad cock head between my lips, but only for a few minutes… I could not believe it. My pussy throbbing and swelling. I knew his ultimate goal was to fuck me. He tried to finger fuck me, I felt a glob of something on his finger. As he pushed into my pussy with his finger. He moaned aloud,

“I’m gonna fuck you…I’m going to fuck you…”

He had little trouble pushing a finger into me, but the cock was harder. “She is hairless, does not look developed. My penis looks like its disappearing between a little girl’s labia!!!” I first felt that incredible pressure of his cock as it entered my heat, moist clasping pussy. Even paralyzed, I heard my own moan of pain. I felt as if he had torn me on his way in my pussy. He felt HUGE.

“Ohhhhh god, I’m fucking her…”

I heard him say aloud. With each thrust he sank into me a fractional bit into my… then suddenly there was a “give” and he sank all the way in at once.

“I am 68 years old, and I am in my…

I am inside an I began. God, I am fucking my… and if caught, would go to prison… I might as well do more… I am now going to start doing it hard, fast and deep… and am going to cum inside my…”

The camera recorded my face as he tilted his mouth to mine, and he began moving in and out of my pussy. Faster and faster and harder… I began being bounced with the force of his thrusts… Hearing myself begin to moan… I felt it building…

“Oh god! Oh FUCK!! I’M FUCKINGGGGG MY….!!!”

He slammed into me so hard and deep I could feel him ejaculate… Shooting hot jets of cum deep into me. He had done it. Planted his seed deep in my fertile pussy.

“I have raped my…”

Gradually he slowed his pumping and lay spent atop me. He ground his hips to feel all of me. When suddenly I recognized his cologne and his voice clearly “I love my baby girl” as he kissed my forehead as he always had… Since my daddy first held me when I was born.


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