Daddy’s girl fucks him to pay the price.

Daddy’s girl fucks around and loves to tease him. I’ve been playing with my daddy’s nerves for as long as I can remember, ever since I’d sit on his lap and rock back and forth on his thigh. He thought it was innocent at first, but he realized I just loved how it felt and that he liked it too. Before long, he knew exactly what I was doing. It was innocent and sweet because I was oblivious to it, but soon enough that little girl turned into a flirty schoolgirl. Give it more time, and I’d gone through just about every stage you could think of. I played cheerleader during my middle school and high school years, much to my daddy’s great surprise. He didn’t mind driving me to practice at all.

His favorite was when I got in trouble.

Can you blame him? He caught me ONE time sneaking back into my room after a party. I had on this tiny little black dress that I know he’d seen before. He didn’t mind it at all when he saw me buy it. However, once he caught me sneaking back into my room late at night, he made up a reason to be mad. He ranted on and on about how I shouldn’t be out so late with the boys. He focused on the part about how I shouldn’t be wearing such little clothing, too… But I knew what he was getting at. He wanted to know his daddy’s girl fucks around and teases everyone else but only gets to come home and fuck him. Soon enough, hgot his answer, too.

He was about to close the bedroom door after his speech when I sat back on the bed. The way I leaned back and crossed my legs drew him in because the dress went riding up my thighs. He couldn’t help but slowly open the door once more, sighing as he looked me over… I knew exactly what I was doing, and I knew what I wanted. His pants gave away every dirty thought that was running through his head. Daddy just couldn’t help himself when he walked back in and locked the door behind him. What started as a little punishment with him always turned into being his little slut.

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