I noticed daddy staring at me since I was 10. I always caught his gaze my way. I never thought too much of it till I got to be 14.Daddy started spying on me in the shower. He started hugging me tighter and rubbing my ass when mommy wasn’t around. I can’t say I didn’t like the attention. I always have been daddy’s little princess. Daddy started slipping into my room late at night after mommy went to sleep.


When he would slip into my room he would brush my hair behind my ear and whisper in my ear “ You will always be daddy’s princess, but tonight you are going to be my dirty, slutty, cum princess.” He then would proceed to place my tiny hands on his thick, hard cock. He would place his hands around mine and start making me stroke up and down his shaft gradually going faster and faster. Then he would have me get up so he could lay down. I would climb between his legs and start sucking on his cock slowly taking in every inch he had to offer. I would do this till he came in my mouth. Oh that stickiness tasted so good in my little warm mouth. I would swallow every drop given to me.

On my 15th birthday things were different this time around. Daddy said I was a big girl now and needed to do big girl things. So daddy had me strip in front of him. Slowly taking off each piece of clothing one at a time. He would have me pull my long red hair into a ponytail. I would get on my knees and lick him all the way from his shaft to the tip of is cock over and over until he was nice and soaking wet. He had me get on the bed and get in the doggy position. I sat there on my hands and knees with my legs spread wide apart. He caressed each ass cheek like never before. He then pulled up on both sides and slid in his hard cock into my tight little pussy. Oh it hurt so much. Daddy let out a moan like I’ve never heard before.

I was so eager to please daddy since i’m his dirty, slutty little girl. I started to slam back into him with each thrust. Oh he liked it very much. He grabbed my hair and gave it a yank. It made me moan loudly. Then daddy bent over me to hold his hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t wake mommy up. He started thrusting harder and harder. I kept getting louder in his hand which kept making him get closer to cumming all inside of me. Oh how I wanted nothing more but for daddy to cum inside my little pussy. With the final thrust my body shook so bad daddy couldn’t hold back no more and he let all of his cum out inside of me and it felt so amazing. I was already addicted to daddy’s touch now I can’t wait till I can get a taste of his big cock inside of me again. Best part about all of this is daddy won’t ever tell me no because if he does I can tell everyone our dirty little secret and he doesn’t want that.


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