Daddy’s Baby makes us three now!  Ever since Dad lost his job, my Mom has had to take longer and longer business trips for work.   But, this made Daddy turn into a Mr. Mom; doing the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. And, lately, I’ve noticed some of my panties missing, so I decided to try an experiment. As a freshman in college, I’ve got toys in my nightstand.  And one night when Dad was downstairs watching a game, I pulled out my 9 inch, three-speed vibrator and turned it on full power before I started teasing myself with it. I’d slide it inside my pussy; run it around my clit and tease my ass open with it before starting the hole circuit again.

As I began my third round, I heard my bedroom door creak open.  So, I rolled onto my stomach and concentrated the vibrator on my clit; leaving my tight, naked ass up in the air and pointed directly at my bedroom door AND Daddy!

It wasn’t long before I felt a tongue on my ass, licking up and down; and strong hands pulling my ass cheeks apart before the tongue worked its way into my tight little asshole. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his cock head rubbing up and down my pussy lips. Instead of sliding into my pussy, however, I felt my Daddy’s cock push its way into my virgin asshole! Screaming into my pillow, I pushed my ass back onto his hard than EVER cock; overjoyed that daddy was making me a big girl who could use all her holes to CUM.

Now, we LONG for the few minutes it takes to get some in~!

Talk about a TRAINING DAY!


Time for some Baby Shopping and MORE Daddy/Daughter Loving!