Daddy says I will be punished….

Daddy caught me being bad this morning, I was touching myself when he came to wake me up for school.

So now I am up here in my room waiting for him to come punish me.

He opens my door and  I didn’t say anything, I only watched as my daddy came in and went to sit on the edge of my bed. He was wearing no shirt, showing off his arms and shoulders, and loose gray shorts, as if he was about to work out.

Didn’t say anything either. He simply sat there, watching me, glancing at me for a few seconds, before he pulled me over his lap and put his hand on the back of my thigh. His fingers and palms coursed over my tender skin, from the back of my knee to the bottom of my skirt. I watched him until the hand went under my skirt. After that, I faced forward again.

My daddy’s hand caressed the fat part of my thigh, before crossing over to my other thigh and doing the same. I shivered when his hand ran over my panties. I gasped when I felt my skirt being moved up and out of the way, and gasped a second time when that same hand tugged down my panties.

Then I moaned when his fingers set down on my bare ass, because just feeling his touch made me want to moan.

I have a secret to confess I was thinking about my daddy punishing me when he caught me masturbating this morning. I love it when my daddy pulls down my panties and spanks my bare ass and turns it nice and red. Know he does too cause I always feel his cock growing underneath me as I lay over his lap.

Wanna be my daddy and punish me?

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