Sexy Feet for My Daddy

Daddy always loved the sight of my sexy feet.  He would take me shopping just to see me slip out of my shoes and into a pair of heels.  I never knew why, but I found out soon enough.  Daddy has a major foot fetish and my sexy feet made him go wild.  I guess you could say I was lucky.  I did get a ton of new shoes out of the deal.

The first time I realized daddy wanted to do more to my sexy feet than just take me shopping was when I was sixteen.  We had just left the shoe store and he couldn’t stop talking about how hot my feet looked in my new six inch heels.  Mommy would have thrown a fit if she knew I was wearing such high heels… But daddy said it would be our little secret.  He also said if I promised to show them off for him, he would pamper my sexy feet more and more.  I was so excited!

We raced home and mommy was at work.

 We went up to my room and I slipped into my new heels.  I felt so grown up!  They made my calves and ass look so perfect.  Daddy said I looked even better than mommy.  He had me strip down to just my panties and the heels.  He told me to walk from one end of the room to other and model my sexy feet for him.  I giggled, but I did what he said.

 He began to rub his hard cock through his pants.  I blushed as he asked me if he could jerk off looking at my sexy feet.  He promised it would be our little secret and he would take me to get a pedicure and more heels the next day.  Seeing him masturbate to me sexy feet kind of turned me on too.  It wasn’t long before I was letting Daddy squeeze his hard cock between my soles and cum all over my little toes.

I always loved to make Daddy happy and I love showing off my sexy feet!

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