Daddy Finds Out I Seduced His New Wife And Punishes Me!

As I heard my stepmom gasp for air I knew she was about to cum. It took me a while to actually seduce her. Obviously, I did without Daddy knowing. It all started very innocently. I would try to sit closer to her whenever Daddy wasn’t around. Try to have some Mommy/Daughter quality time. That day I just took my chance, and she loved it. Her pussy was so fucking yummy. After she came I rushed to my room before Daddy finds out. But, I was about to get in a lot of trouble.

As I was walking into my room with the image of my stepmom’s eyes rolling back as I was sucking on her clit, someone came from behind me and pushed me into my room. Oh no! It was Daddy. He said he wasn’t going to allow me to just do whatever I wanted with his new wife. I giggled. Daddy always hated when I blew him off and that was exactly what I was trying to do. Daddy didn’t like how I was acting and wanted to teach me the lesson I deserved.

Daddy ordered me to get completely naked and as I did, I just thought he was going to fuck me, which was not knew. That wasn’t even a punishment for me. Instead, he told me to open up my mouth. As I did he shoved his cock in my mouth, deep down my throat till it hit the back of it. He held my nose, pinching so I couldn’t breathe. Making it impossible for me not to gag. There was slobber dripping down my chin as he fucked my face. Once he pulled out Daddy came all over my face.

Before leaving my room he said that if I wanted to please anyone in this house with my dirty mouth, it would have to be him.

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