The Cunt Punch Bowl Was So Ready To Party!

Literally, the cunt punch bowl was there for all the guys to come over and party on her.  So, what is that you ask?  Oh, man since it’s almost my birthday in fact tomorrow, I’m going to tell you about a party that I went to.

Oh, by the time I was done, I was tired of looking at it, but the party was so much fun.  There was this girl named Lilly.  Oh, Lilly loved to fuck, but there was more to Lilly than meets the eye.

I can’t even make this up, so true your mouth will make you want a cunt punch bowl.  So, I went to this party.  Of course, I dressed to impress.  I wore my heels and my kinky red dress.  Actually, for once I was happy to participate and not be the center of attention which is hard to believe, but I had such a great fucking time.

So, what did they do to ramp up the party?

All the guys came to the party.  There were at least twenty dudes at the party and some hot girls like myself.  Oh fuck, Lilly had gorgeous long legs and she had no problem flaunting her boob implants.  So, I had this great idea of filling her cunt up with a punch.  The guys were all over it and each guy came up and each drank from her cunt.  Of course, you could taste the pussy juice mixed in with the sweet juice.

Cocks were out and guys stroked their cocks watching everyone take a sweet drink from the cunt punch bowl.  The punch flowed freely and everyone wanted to come over for the party.

Then her boyfriend put these bags on her boob caps on the nipples and filled the bags up with a punch.  So, the girls took sips from her boobs and enjoyed the fruit punch.  Everyone got so happy.  Girls were in the corner fucking each other with dildos and strap-ons for everyone.

But that’s not all that happened with the cunt punch bowl.

So, some of the guests were enjoying the boobs, the bowl, and she had a dick in her mouth.  If she could have gotten one in her ass she would have been all over that as well.  The more she fucked and got her bowl drunk the more cream pie came oozing out from her delicious bowl.

I loved the bowl myself and I partook of those juicy tits.  I reached over the fondled the black balls that were rubbing against Lilly’s chin as she sucked it way down her fucking throat.

That party ran for the whole weekend.  She would take a shower eventually and then she would be ready to come back for more.  Oh, so much more.  Lilly knew how to fucking party.  That was the best way to enjoy a cold drink of juice from the cunt punch bowl.

I want to tell you so much more.  Wanna join me for some fun?  I can tell you what else happened at the party. Teen Phone Sex

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